Batman 121 – Mr. Zero (aka Mr. Freeze) debuts


The frosty Batman villain who would come to be known as Mr. Freeze makes his debut in Batman 121 (Feb. 59), in a story by Wood, Moldoff and Paris.


Mr. Zero relates to his gang how he suffered through an accident with an experiment that left him unable to breathe in normal temperatures.  He designed a costume to chill his body adequately, and also built himself a themed mountain lair before recruiting his men and beginning his crime spree.  I guess in Gotham City you need a flashy costume and themed lair to show you’re a serious criminal.


Batman and Robin find Mr. Zero’s lair, but fall into his trap, and get sealed into blacks of ice.  Batman manages to slam his ice block into a steam pipe, and the heat melts the ice, releasing them.


The steam also cures Mr. Zero, making it clear that he was intended to be a one-shot villain.

But once the character had been adapted for the tv series, gaining the much better name of Mr. Freeze, he returned with his former ailment, in an issue of Detective Comics in the late 60s.

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