Batman 97 – the Joker’s announcements, and Bat-Hound returns


Ace, the Bat-Hound makes his triumphant return in Batman 97 (Feb. 56).


But first there’s yet another Joker story, this one by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.  The Joker decides to use public announcements before his crimes in this story.


It’s not much of a concept, and not much of a story.  One of the kind that are making the Joker the least interesting Batman villain from the era.


Bat-Hound’s return is far more fun, as Moldoff and Paris introduce Thief-Dog, his criminal counterpart.


Once Batman and Robin realize that a trained dog is helping the thieves they are pursuing, they head over to John Wilker’s place to pick up Ace.


Then they take Ace around, for Bat-Hound to check out the various suspect dogs, but get no closer to Thief-Dog.


We discover that the dog trainer is being forced to work with the thieves, and he is relieved when Batman and Robin show up.


Batman and Bat-Hound disguise themselves as the trainer and Thief-Dog, and take down the bad guys.  Ace gets returned to Wilkers, but we never get to see Thief-Dog again, which is a real shame.


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