Batman 93 – Tigerman – the caveman Batman


Batman meets his prehistoric predecessor thanks to Carter Nichols in the Hamilton, Sprang and Paris story in Batman 93 (Aug. 55).


A rock carving is found showing a tyrannosaurus chasing humans, in contradiction of what we know of the prehistoric era.  The archaeologist is accused of forgery, and Bruce and Dick visit Dr. Nichols to send them back to the exact place and time where the stone was carved.  How exactly this was determined is hardly relevant in a story that relies on hypnotic time travel.

Once there, they meet a men who dons a sabretooth tigerskin to help his tribe against a rival one, calling himself Tigerman.


Batman improves Tigerman’s weaponry, and then they find that the leader of the other tribe has a frozen dinosaur.  The creature thaws out and comes to life, the source of the controversial carving.

Back in the present, Batman and Robin uncover another carving showing the frozen dinosaur, confirming their story.


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