Batman 89 – Commissioner Gordon’s ancestor, and Bruce Wayne’s aunt


Bruce Wayne’s aunt, who was clearly far too busy to look after him as a child, makes her only appearance in Batman 89 (Feb. 55).


But first, Batman and Robin go time travelling, thanks to Finger, Sprang and Paris.


An newspaper prints an old photograph, revealing that Commissioner Gordon’ ancestor,a  riverboat captain in the mid 1800s, was a criminal.  For some reason this matters to the people of Gotham, and Gordon begs Batman’s help to clear the man’s name.  So Bruce and Dick pay a visit to Carter Nichols, who send them back to the right time.


There are some great visuals and fun action.  Of course, Batman and Robin find proof of the man’s innocence, and conceal a newspaper with that information, retrieving it in the present day.


Aunt Agatha, who had never been mentioned before, and didn’t show up to raise her orphaned nephew, now pops up to stay with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, by Finger, Moldoff and Kaye.


Something must be wrong with the exit to the Batcave, as Batman and Robin need to walk through the house, in costume.  Agatha sees them, but assume they are heading to a costume party.


Later, hoods capture Batman and Robin, but Aunt Agatha comes in dressed as the Joker.  This startles the villain, long enough for her to unmask Bruce Wayne.  Bruce goes along with her costume ball idea, which makes the hood think they did not really catch Batman after all.  They let Bruce and Dick go free, and then they promptly get caught by Batman and Robin.

I do like Aunt Agatha in the Joker get-up, that was a nice twist, but overall not a good story.  While Aunt Agatha never returns, this story sort of foreshadows Dick Grayson’s Aunt Harriet.


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