Batman 86 – the Joker trades up, and Chief Man-of-Bats


Batman goes native in issue 86 (Sept. 54).


Finger, Moldoff and Kaye handle the Joker story in this issue, which is not one of his better appearances.


After attending a baseball game, at which he catches a home run ball, the Joker decides to apply baseball trading strategies to hi next crime spree.


Effectively, all this means is that he get specialists for each job.  There is no use of the baseball concept aside from that, and the story just kind of slogs along.


Chief Man-of-Bats and his son, Little Raven, make their debut in this story by France Herron, Moldoff and Kaye.


While flying over a reservation, Batman and Robin spy a smoke signal Bat-signal, and then see versions of themselves on horseback.  Landing and investigating, they come across two native heroes who pattern themselves on the Gotham duo.  They are pursuing a gang lead by Black Elk, who intends to rob the oil company using the land.  But Black Elk suspects the true identity of Man-of-Bats.


So Bruce and Dick dye their skin and take over the roles of Man-of-Bats and Little Raven, while the real ones appear as themselves during the final battle with Black Elk.

Man-of-Bats and Little Raven return in the Grant Morrison Batman stories.



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