Batman 81 – Two-Face returns


After a variety of fake Two-Faces, Harvey Dent finally returns to the identity in Batman 81 (Feb. 54), in a story by Reed, Sprang and Paris.


Harvey Dent is walking down the street when he spots a robbery in progress.  Breaking in to stop it, he suffers a blast to his face which restores his damaged appearance.


With quickly out of the way, Two-Face launches into series of crimes based on men who are known by two different faces: an actor, a diver and a clown.


There are a lot of great locations for the action as Batman and Robin chase Two-Face around.


The giant coin death trap on the cover appears for the climax of the tale.  Batman and Robin survive because of an electromagnet, which might be a reasonable explanation.

There is no discussion at the end about Harvey Dent getting the plastic surgery repaired, he’s just going to be Two-Face now, although the character does not return until 1971.


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