Batman 78 – the Manhunter from Mars, and Batman in Canada


Batman’s in Canada in issue 78 (Aug/Sept 53).


The first story in the issue, by Hamilton, Schwartz and Paris, introduces a Manhunter from Mars, two years before J’onn J’onzz would debut.


This one, who bears little to no resemblance to the later hero, is named Ron Kar, and comes to Earth to get Batman’s help for a case on Mars.  The story basically reprises the one from 1948.


The Martians have all sorts of great weapons, and Batman winds up using jets to save Robin, who has been strapped to a rocket ship by the bad Martians.


Reed, Schwartz and Kaye send Batman up north in this story, to the typical Canada from the comics, all snow and trees and lakes.


At least the art looks good.  Batman becomes an honourary Mountie as he impresses them with his skills and weapons.


There’s a good scene with a log flume, and Batman wears his white costume.




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