Batman 105 – Batwoman trains Batman


Batwoman, introduced a few months earlier in Detective Comics, makes her second appearance in Batman 105 (Feb. 57), by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.


Although Kathy Kane had agreed at the end of her debut not to become Batwoman again, she decides to don the costume and go for a ride.  At the same time, Batman and Robin are chasing a hooded thief.  Batman sprains his ankle, and the hood falls off a train, discarding his headgear.  The smoke marks on his face lead Batwoman to believe the villain is Batman.


The man has amnesia, and, convinced he is Batman, Batwoman brings him back to her cave to train him again.  Robin accompanies her, but keeps in touch with Batman.  Robin notices the man’s reaction when he sees an article on an upcoming museum display.  Batman figures this is his gang’s next robbery, and helps as Robin, Batwoman and the fake Batman stop them.


The man’s memory comes back, but he continues to play the game to trick the heroes, and set them up.  Batman manages to fake being able to stand as he catches his impersonator.


As the story ends, Kathy Kane puts away her Batwoman costume.  But she will be back in a few months in the pages of World’s Finest Comics, when Batman agrees to allow her to operate in costume.

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