Batman 103 – Batman is a klutz, and Bat-Hound is a movie star


Bat-Hound is back and in the movies in Batman 103 (Oct. 56).


The first story in the issue, by Finger, Sprang and Paris, was reprinted in an issue of Batman Family that I bought as a kid, and I have always found it entertaining.  The story deals with a live tv broadcast at which Batman is being presented with trophies for deeds he has done.


But just as the broadcast starts, Bruce Wayne gets hit on the chin by the microphone.


Changing to Batman, he is determined to conceal his identity during the close-ups, and so he pretends to be clumsy, and destroys each trophy as the camera pulls in.


As the broadcast ends, Batman explains to the public that his actions were done for a nebulous, but good, reason, and everyone is now content.

I’m certain these broken trophies show up again many years down the road, though I’m not sure in which story.


Bat-Hound makes his third appearance in this story, as Bat-Hound gets recruited by a director to star in a movie, as told by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.


The story is really pretty bad.  Batman’s laughter when Bat-Hound attacks the director is disturbing.


Bat-Hound isn’t really that important in the story either.  The big climax is between the villain, and Batman and Robin.  Bat-Hound isn’t even used.


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