Batman 75 – Mr. Roulette, and the Gorilla Boss of Gotham City


The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City makes a cover debut in Batman 75 (Feb/March 53).


But before that, Reed, Sprang and Paris spin an entertaining tale about a very odd man, Mr. Roulette.


Vicki Vale is also in the story, although she looks a bit off.  The hairstyle looks strange.  She gets sent two boxes, with a chance to win $1,000, all to peak her interest in Mr. Roulette, who claims to gamble with death.


Batman shows up as well, curious to see this man, but Mr. Roulette remains hooded and cloaked through the story.  He has exploding telephones, and walls that fire deadly darts.  Both Vicki and Batman are kind of freaked out by the guy.  It’s no surprise when news comes that he has died.


But Batman has been wary all along, and proves that the whole identity of Mr. Roulette was a set-up to kill a gambler.  A well told story, complete with some giant props for the climax.


Reed, Schwartz and Kaye introduce Boss Dyke, and execute him right off the bat.


His body gets stolen and taken to Doc Willard, who removes his brain and implants it in a giant gorilla.


Using the strength of being a gorilla, Boss Dyke then goes on a crime spree, stealing a million dollars.


His plan is then to capture Batman, and have Doc Willard switch the Boss’ brain into Batman’s body, and Batman’s into the gorilla.  This appears to happen, but Batman recovered and took out Doc Willard, impersonating him.

Boss Dyke appears to die at the end of the story, and Willard goes insane.  But both return in a World’s Finest story in the mid 70s.


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