Batman 70 – the robot cop, and the Penguin’s umbrella factory


Crime fighting goes high tech in Batman 70 (April/May 1952), in a story by Finger, Schwartz and Paris.


A scientist comes to Commissioner Gordon, proposing to have his new robots take the place of Batman and the police.  Gordon is skeptical, until he finds out that the man making the proposal is really a robot, being controlled by the inventor, who is in a different room.


The story plays out in the most expected way, as the robot outperforms Batman at first, but ultimately proves to be inadequate to replace a real human.


The Penguin is back again, paroled yet again by a system that is clearly too lax. Woolfolk, Schwartz and Paris are the creative team.


The Penguin opens an umbrella factory, using his expertise in the field.  Batman is suspicious, but the umbrellas he is making appear normal.


But the Penguin does have theft on his mind, and though the umbrellas are largely normal, they are still central to his crimes.  But a mediocre story nonetheless.


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