Batman 68 – Alfred gets fired, and the second Two-Face debuts


Paul Sloan gets introduced on the cover of Batman 68 (Dec/Jan 51/52).


Alfred gets fired for no discernible reason in a story by Finger, Schwartz and Paris.


Alfred is mystified, and thinks about all the ways he has been an aid to Batman and Robin.  So this story actually plays out along the lines of a weapon story.  We see the many ways Alfred helps them.


And we see flashbacks to stories in which Alfred played a significant role, some real and some written just for this tale.


The Alfred gets kidnapped by goons who suspect that Bruce Wayne is Batman.  They tie him to a lie detector, and ask him if he is Batman’s butler.


But because he has been fired, he can honestly say no.  And that was Batman’s plan all along.  Alfred gets re-hired, and only then does Batman actually explain why he did this.


Harvey Dent gets a cameo, but this Two-Face story, by Finger, Schwartz and Paris, gives a completely different person that identity.


Paul Sloan is an actor hired to play Harvey Dent in a movie about Two-Face.  The prop acid gets replaced by real acid, and Sloan gets scarred the same way Two-Face did.


Sloan’s mind snaps, and he becomes Two-Face.


He looks and acts exactly the way Dent did, so this feels like a genuine Two-Face story.  Harvey appears on tv, making an appeal to Sloan to turn himself in, and get surgery to repair his face.


In the end, Batman has to trick him into doing this, by replacing his coin with one that will only land on end.

Harvey Dent is back in a couple of years, but Paul Sloan is not seen again until the 80s.




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