Batman 67 – Batman’s ropes, the Joker hires gag writers, and the Batman of the Future returns


A dramatic cover for Batman 67 (Oct/Nov 51), but not really representative of the story inside.


This Reed, Schwartz and Paris story fits firmly into the genre of Batman’s weapons, as it explores the variety of silken cords that Batman has used, and various interesting uses of them.  None of the ones cited in this story had actually been seen before. or would be again.


There are a few good scenes.  The golden cord being used to play a giant harp would be my personal highpoint.


Reed, Schwartz and Paris tell the Joker story in this issue.


The Joker has run out of ideas, and so he auditions and hires some criminals to be his “gag writers,” coming up with crimes with a humourous bent.


Not brilliant, but certainly better than most of the Joker stories from this period.


Brane Taylor, the Batman of the Future,makes his return in this story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.


Brane travels back in time to meet Robin, and brings him to his own time, to help him while his Robin is recuperating.  In this story, his time period is given as 3051, while in his debut he was said to live in the year 3000.  So perhaps aging has been dramatically slowed in the far future, as he sure doesn’t look fifty years older, nor does Robin.


With Robin’s help, Brane stops criminals who are robbing a small asteroid, Vulcan, located near the Sun.


The head of the gang attempts to get revenge by exposing Batman as Brane Taylor, but the real Batman arrives in time (through time) to cover his identity.

This is a very odd scene, considering that Brane revealed his own identity in his original story, only four years earlier.

Brane Taylor returns in a few years.


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