Batman 65 – Wingman debuts, and Catwoman’s return to crime?


Catwoman is back on the cover of Batman 65 (June/July 1951), and Batman and Robin aren’t sure what to make of it.


But before we get to that, Robin suffers severe anxiety as a new hero, Wingman, gets introduced in a story by Finger, Schwartz and Paris.


Robin get injured during a case, and Batman uses this opportunity to train a new hero, Wingman, who will operate in Europe.  This gets covered by the newspapers, and Dick Grayson becomes convinced that Batman intends to replace him.


Robin’s paranoia is at the heart of this story, which means Wingman is marginalized in his own debut.


Even his big scene, rescuing Batman on the face of the giant clock, isn’t really his scene.  Batman and Wingman had traded costumes before the scene, as a test to see if Wingman could live up to Batman’s skills.

So really, we don’t get to see Wingman do anything impressive in this story, which may well be why he did not return for over fifty years, only being revived in Grant Morrison’s run.


Finger, Schwartz and Paris bring back Selina Kyle, and everyone wonders if this is the return of Catwoman as well.


Seline is now running a pet store, and wants no more of her criminal past.  But cat themed crimes have been taking place, and everyone suspects she is behind them.  A former gang member comes to see her, and coaxes her into taking on her Catwoman identity again.


Batman and Robin are both disappointed, but really it’s fairly obvious that she is simply going along with this to bring down her former gang, who had been committing the cat crimes.

Not a very original story, but more or less an inevitable one after her “retirement.”



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