Batman 64 – Vicki Vale has a sister, and Killer Moth returns


The cover of Batman 64 (April/May 1951) loosely ties to the story inside, though the scene pictured never occurs.


Vicki Vale returns in this story, illustrated by Sprang and Paris.  In this tale, we learn that she has a younger sister, Anne.  Although the sister never appears, the villain uses the threat of harm to her to force Vicki to help his plans along.


The villain is openly a wealthy collector, who also collects photographs of criminal actions.  He wants to “complete” his collection by getting picture of the deaths of Batman and Robin, makes Vicki lead the heroes into a death trap.


But the heroes figure out what is going on, and replace the man’s gun with one of their own, which only fires blanks.  They allow him to think he has killed them in order to keep Anne safe, and only then turn on him.


Killer Moth gets a good sequel tale, by Finger, Schwartz and Paris.


Killer Moth survives his escape from Batman in the previous issue, but is now the laughing stock of the Gotham underworld, and no hood will continue with his protection service.  The Moth decides he has to turn to more typical crime.  He uses his position as Cameron Van Cleer to rob the museum of some artifacts concealed in a secret vault.


That means that Batman and Robin figure out he must be one of the museum board.  But in pursuing him, Moth also figures out that Batman can only be one of a select group of men, one of whom is Bruce Wayne.  So the story see both Batman and Killer Moth closing in on each other’s identities.  Batman figures it out first, and captures Killer Moth.

Killer Moth returns in a couple of months in Detective Comics.


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