Batman 62 – the origin of Catwoman, and Knight and Squire debut


Catwoman’s origin gets revealed, to Catwoman herself as well the readers and other characters, in a story by Finger, Schwartz and Paris in Batman 62 (Dec/Jan 50/51).


Catwoman is working with a mysterious crime boss, Mr. X, when she winds up getting a head injury, while saving Batman from a falling brick wall.


The blow to her head restores her memory of being a stewardess, Selina Kyle, who jumped from a crashing plane.  She claims to have no memory of her actions a Catwoman, though he clearly has lost none of her skills as the story plays out.  Indeed, a much later story would reveal that this whole claim of remembering her true identity was a lie, to try to wipe out the criminal career that she wanted to end anyway.  Commissioner Gordon wants her to continue being Catwoman until she can lead the police to capture Mr. X.


She does this, although the gang learns that she has switched sides, and try to kill her, as well as Batman and Robin.  Catwoman retires at the end of the story, but returns in a couple of months anyway.

This is all part of cleaning up the character, removing any dark edges to Batman.


The Knight and the Squire get introduced in this story, by Finger, Sprang and Paris, who will remain minor characters in the Batman mythos, popping up every so often.


Sir Percy Sheldrake and his son Cyril are the Knight and Squire, England’s version of Batman and Robin.  The story makes the parallels as clear as they could possibly be.


Batman and Robin head to England, pursuing an American gang, who are on the trail of some loot buried by Nazi spies.  They meet their British counterparts, and work alongside them in this tale.


There are some great visuals, and the parallels continue all the way through the story, as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson help cover the double identities of the Knight and Squire.

The heroes return as part of the Batman of All Nations in a few years.



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