Batman 59 – Deadshot debuts, and Batman heads to the future


Batman heads to the future in Batman 59 (June/July 1950), but not the future of the Batman of the Future.


Deadshot makes his debut, and gets his only real story (aside from a brief cameo) until the late 70s in this tale by Reed, Schwartz and Paris.


Deadshot dresses to the nines, and shows off remarkable shooting skills as he strives to compete with Batman to be the hero of Gotham.  He even visits Commissioner Gordon, showing his credentials and asking for official sanction. Deadshot impresses Gordon so much that he even gets his own signal.  Batman and Robin are not pleased.


Batman deduces that Deadshot is Floyd Lawton, and begins tailing him.  He discovers that Lawton is really a crime boss, aiming to get Batman out of the way.  Batman uses psychological warfare to take down Deadshot, altering the sights on his guns, so that Lawton consistently misses, and comes to believe that he is nervous around Batman, missing his shots.

A really good introductory story, it’s a shame it took so long to bring this character back.


Carter Nichols is back in this tale by Finger, Schwartz and Paris.


After capturing the Joker, Batman and Robin decide they want to go back into the past to see what made the criminal the way he is.  They go to Carter Nichols, who sends them into the future instead.  Oops.


They are assumed to be criminals dressed as Batman and Robin until the prove their identities.  The chief of police on the future world is named Rokej, and is a descendant of the Joker who is trying to erase the negative view of his ancestor.


Batman and Robin then join Rekoj in hunting down and catching the leader of a band of space pirates.


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