Batman 53 – the Joker’s laughing clues


After a long period of covers that reflect a story from the issue, Batman 53 (June/July 1949) has a generic one.


Schwartz and Paris churn out a pretty lame Joker story in this issue.


The Joker commits a series of pointless robberies, stealing objects of no value.  Batman has already figured out that the initial letters of the stolen goods are what is important, spelling Ha Ha Ho Ho.  The Joker then sends a message to Commissioner Gordon indicating that his later crimes will echo the first ones, and Batman deduces that this will mean concluding with those letters.  Batman is damn near psychic in this story.


Well, at least until the climax, when he and Robin have to choose to enter a comedy or tragedy mask, one of which contains a death trap.  The heroes enter the comedy mask, which has the trap.  But they survive and capture the Joker.



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