Batman 50 – Vicki Vale takes the Joker’s picture, and Harvey Dent’s nightmare


Two-Face returns in Batman 50 (Dec/Jan 49/50).


Vicki Vale is back in a story illustrated by Schwartz and Paris.  Thankfully, this story does not play the previous proving-Bruce-is-Batman plot.


Instead, the point of the tale is to show Vicki’s guts and skills as a photojournalist.  She specifies in taking pictures of policemen and crimes.  She even gets a shot of the Joker, making a cameo in this tale.


Vicki does wind up getting captured by bad guys, and Batman and Robin get on her trail.  The story climaxes in a battle on a lighthouse, where Vicki comes to the rescue of Batman!

Although I have never really cared for her character, this does show Vicki as a much stronger woman than Julie Madison or Linda Page.


Harvey Dent returns in this Finger, Schwartz and Paris story, the first time he has appeared since the original three Two-Face tales.


The story opens as Harvey Dent dreams that he is Two-Face, and sleepwalks off his balcony.  Batman saves his life, but is not sure what to do about Harvey’s tormented dreams.  We meet his butler, Wilkins, and learn that Gilda Dent is currently out of town.


But Two-Face does return, pulling off a new series of crimes.  Harvey is convinced that he has developed as split personality, committing the crimes without being aware of it, after he discovers a make-up table with what would be needed to create the face, as well as the loot, all in his house.


But Batman knows Harvey is innocent.  The coin this Two-Face is using is scarred on both sides, unlike the real Two-Face coin.  It’s fairly obvious that Wilkins is the real bad guy in the story.  Gilda does appear in a cameo in the final panel.

Harvey Dent returns in a couple of years.

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