Batman 48 – the Penguin’s birdless crimes, and a bad guy in the Batcave


Batman probably should have removed the Wayne Manor tag from the diagram before showing the Batcave map to a group of schoolkids on the cover of Batman 48 (Aug/Sept 48).


Mooney and Paris provide a Penguin story dripping with irony, or perhaps fate, in this issue.


As his bird themed crimes have been such failures, the Penguin decides to change tactics, and leave birds completely out of his new crime spree.


But in every case, birds wind up becoming part of it anyway, and never in positive ways, from the Penguin’s perspective.


It makes for an entertaining variation on the usual Penguin story.


The Batcave gets a starring role in this story by Finger and Mooney, which solidifies the appearance of the famous location.


Wolf Brando, and escaped con, breaks into Wayne Manor, knocks out Dick Grayson, and stumbles into the Batcave.  One wonders where Alfred is, his absence from this story is conspicuous.


Batman discovers that Brando is in the cave, which serves as the location for the rest of the tale.  The map on the cover is reproduced in the story itself.  Compared to the map from a few years ago, there are significant differences.  The elevator has been replaced by a spiral staircase, which seems far less practical.  The cave is much larger, and the trophy room is now located in it, rather than in the house upstairs.  The dinosaur and giant penny have taken their places, becoming defining features of the locale.


And they even get used in the story, as Wolf Brando battles Batman by using his own weapons and trophies against him.  Even though the dinosaur and penny get severely damaged in this tale, Batman must value them enough to repair them.


The fact that the cave has an underground river is also established in this tale, and Brando winds up dying in it, falling in after being frightened by the bats residing in the upper reaches of the cave.



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