Batman 47 – Catwoman in fashion, and Batman finds his parents’ killer


Batman’s origin gets retold, and the murderer of his parents gets identified in Batman 47 (June/July 1948).


The issue opens as Catwoman escapes from prison and adopts a new identity in this story by Finger, Lew Schwartz and Charles Paris.


Calling herself Madame Moderne, Catwoman launches a high fashion magazine, and uses the information she gains about the wealthy for her latest series of robberies.  It’s not so different from some of her earlier schemes.  I do like the sequence in which Batman clues in to her connection to the fashion magazine, by the way her figure is drawn with an elongated body.


And we are now in the era of the giant props, with an oversized sewing machine used for the climax of the tale.


Finger, Kane and Paris re-tell the origin of Batman in this story, expanding it with the identity of the killer.


In this tale, Batman never knew the name of the man who shot down Thomas and Martha Wayne, but never forgot his face.  After coming across a trucking firm that is smuggling criminals out of state, Batman sees a picture of the company owner, and recognizes it as the same man, Joe Chill.


Much of the story is a cat and mouse game between the two men, although Chill has no idea of his connection with Batman.  Finally, Batman confronts Chill and unmasks.  He informs Chill that he will follow him every day until he gets proof against him.


Chill flees, and tells his drivers that he was the man who brought Batman into existence.  The hot-headed men gun down Chill, only afterwards realizing that they ought to have found out Batman’s identity from Chill first.

An extremely good expansion of the story, and really, it’s about time that the killer who started it all was identified and dealt with.


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