Batman 46 – the Joker’s greeting cards, the prison chaplain, and Batman meets Leonardo da Vinci


Breaking into prison on the cover of Batman 46 (April/May 1948).


The Joker is back yet again, in a story by Cameron, Sprang and Paris.


The Joker uses greeting cards as the theme for this story, using them to send clues to Batman and Robin about his upcoming thefts.


The story just follows the standard formula, enlivened solely by the visuals.  The greeting cards are all done well, and I really like the image of the Joker as a Halloween witch.


Batman heads to prison undercover in this story by Cameron, Sprang and McDonald, although the read main character is the prison chaplain, who devotes his life, even risks it, to help the convicts turn their lives around.


The prison has a fairly remarkable greenhouse, thanks to Sprang’s art.  Batman had been wondering why the ex-cons from this jail tended not to go back to crime, and finds that the chaplain gets most of the credit for that.


Along the way, Batman stops a prison riot, and learns the location of some hidden loot.


Carter Nichols is back, enlisting the aid of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson when he comes across a document that refers to Batman in Renaissance Milan.  With the help of Cameron, Sprang and McDonald, the heroes get an adventure alongside Leonardo Da Vinci.


A lot is made of Da Vinci’s forward thinking sketches and inventions, with Batman and Robin helping out on his flying machine.


But though the art on the story is fun, the history behind it is a real mess.  It appears that Cameron knew little and less about the time period.


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