Batman 45 – Catwoman feels left out, and Batman’s ex-con double


Batman-in-a-box on the cover of Batman 45 (Feb/March 1948).


A classic Catwoman tale opens this issue, by William Woolfolk and Charles Paris.


Catwoman gets upset after the publication of a book, The Lady Rogues. The book talks about great villainesses from fiction and history, but does not include Catwoman.  When a film version of the book goes into production, with movie star Gala Kazon playing all the leads, Catwoman vows to disrupt the production.


She fares pretty well at this, despite the efforts of Batman and Robin to stop her.  Catwoman overhears Batman’s plan to secretly take the of Samson opposite Kazon’s Delilah.


Catwoman cuts off Batman’s “heir,” Robin, and forces Batman to give up, chaining him to the set.  This allows for the parallel climax, as Batman pulls down the plaster and wood pillars.

As the crowning touch, after being captured, Catwoman learns that the book’s author was planning to devote his next book entirely to her.

Not a deep story, but a fun one.


The cover story is a Christmas one, but I likely didn’t need to explain that.


It’s better than most of the Batman Christmas tales.  Finger and Paris spin this tale about a prisoner released on a temporary parole, to spend Christmas with his family.  He gets attacked and seriously wounded by hoods.  As he highly resembles Bruce Wayne, Batman takes his place, both with the man’s family, and with the men out to kill him.


The real villains try to frame the the parolee, and Batman even goes along with this.  He needs to get back into the prison to figure out what exactly the man knew that made him such a threat.  Learning about the planned breakout of a mob boss, Batman stops the escape, and clears the parolee.  So when the man recovers, he finds his parole has now become permanent, and he can return to his family for Christmas.


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