Batman 39 – Catwoman’s Christmas


Robin’s look of unconcern on the cover of Batman 39 (Feb/March 1947) makes me think he cut the ice as a trap.


Finger, Kane and Burnley bring back Catwoman, still shown as a blonde, in this Christmas tale.


Catwoman steals three cats, using them in her latest crimes, but the romantic element in this story is a bit more interesting.  She stops her gang from killing Batman, and they accuse her of being interested in him.  She doesn’t seem to be fully aware of her own feelings.


But by the end of the tale, she has decided that Batman is more important than her crime spree.  She tries to seduce him into joining her, but he rebuffs her advances, and even takes her to prison.  No more letting Catwoman go free just because she flirts with him.

Batman and Robin wear their white costumes, to blend in with the snow and approach Catwoman and her gang without being seen.  The costumes were originally seen in the North Pole Crimes, which is cited in this tale.

Catwoman returns the following month in Detective Comics.


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