Batman 34 – Batman battles on the face of Mt Rushmore, and Ally Babble returns


The cover of Batman 34 (April/May 46) sort of connects to the story billed there, although the scene shown doesn’t even come close to happening.


An aging champion racer decides to sponsor a big race in South Dakota in this story, by Finger and Sprang.  Batman and Robin do not officially enter, but join the race to test out their improved equipment, which is kind of lame.  If they lost, they could just say “well, we weren’t really competing anyway.”


There is a masked racer, who is fairly obviously the guy sponsoring it, and a woman, whose uncle has hired men to sabotage the other racers, and even a blind scientist, who seemingly cares nothing about safety.


But that’s fine, it’s a really fun story anyway.  There is even a battle between Batman and Robin and the hired goons on the face of Mt Rushmore, over a decade before North By Northwest would visit the location.  And Sprang’s art is wonderful, as usual.


Ally Babble makes his second and, mercifully, final appearance in this Finger and Sprang story.


This story is played even more strongly for comedy, although at no point does it amuse me. Babble gets his fortune told in tea leaves, and in following the trail of his “destiny” causes all manner of havoc. Mercifully, Ally Babble loses his voice at the end of this story. One can only hope it never came back.


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