Batman 30 – the Penguin goes skating, and Batman meets Ally Babble


World War 2 was drawing to a close, but still made the cover of Batman 30 (Aug/Sept 45).


Cameron and Sprang open the issue with a Penguin story that isn’t much in the way of plot, but Sprang’s art makes the most of what there is.


The Penguin has a series of thefts that he carries out in this issue, but they are not specifically themed or anything.  The joy lies solely in the visuals, such as the Penguin skating away from Batman and Robin, who are having a more difficult time on the ice.


There is a burning mattress death trap for the heroes, who make a return while the Penguin and his men try to rob a museum.

Nothing much special, but fun Sprang art.


Finger and Sprang add one of the worst conceived characters to the Batman series in this story, as we meet Ally Babble.


Ally Babble’s main characteristic is that he never stops talking. What editorial meeting decided that a motormouth would be a benefit to the Batman series?


In his first appearance, Ally Babble is hired by a cranky old man to take petty vengeances on people who annoy him. Unsurprisingly, Ally Babble winds up becoming one of the annoyances by the end of the story.

Sadly, Ally Babble returns within the year.


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