Batman 27 – the Penguin takes an apprentice, and Alfred and the pearl


The cover of Batman 27 would seem to refer to some holiday, though it’s not really clear which one.


Cameron, Burnley and Robinson open the issue with a story featuring the Penguin.


He forces a young boy, who wants to be a writer, to become his apprentice in crime.


The story never really takes off.  The boy is not good at crime, so the Penguin makes him study it, and he writes a book about it.  The Penguin then decides to publish the book, and steals paper, which gets Batman on his trail.  The one good scene comes towards the end, as Batman and the Penguin fight on the face of a clock.


Once again it’s the Adventures of Alfred story that steals the show, thanks to Cameron and Robinson.  Alfred spots a shady looking man at a diner, who finds a pearl in his oyster.  A bidding war opens for it among the other customers.


Alfred notices that the man picked up Alfred’s bill by mistake, and rushes out to correct this.  He stumbles into a mugging, and winds up stopping the whole criminal escapade.  The arresting officer credits Alfred with knowing that the pearl could not have been just found, as it was all shiny, meaning its outer layers had already been removed.



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