Batman 25 – the Joker and the Penguin team up, and Alfred gets hypnotized


Batman 25 (Oct/Nov 44) returns to a generic cover image.


That’s a real shame, as the issue contains the only Joker/Penguin team-up for decades to come, by Cameron, Burnley and Robinson.


The Joker and the Penguin meet in prison, after both had been captured by Batman while trying to steal the Van Landorpf Emerald. They decide to break out of prison together, and compete for the emerald, with the winner getting sole rights to steal in Gotham City.

Batman figures that the two will go for the emerald again, and lays a trap for them. The villains both fall for the set-up, but the combination of them proves a bit too much for Batman and Robin, who fall into their hands.


Batman plays on the egos of the two felons, getting them to compete against each other to prove which is the best, while at the same time working to free himself. It’s not a bad story, but neither the Penguin nor the Joker get much of a chance to play their respective shticks.


Alfred gets another entertaining adventure, by Cameron and Robinson.  Alfred volunteers to be the subject for a stage hypnotist, who puts him under and gives him the command to think he is a great detective.


While under the spell, Alfred figures out that the man working the box office had stolen the receipts, and apprehends him.  But he has no recollection of any of this once the spell is lifted.


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