Batman 21 – Alfred joins the aristocracy, and the Penguin gives a rich man money


Busting broncos on the cover of Batman 21 (Feb/March 1944).


Alvin Schwartz joins Dick Sprang on this story, which is the first story in Batman to show the new, think Alfred, after his character visited a health spa in the pages of Detective Comics.


Alfred is also central to the story, as he impersonates a reclusive British millionaire.  But he is not the only impostor in the mix, the supposed millionaire himself, who hired Alfred, is also an impostor.


It takes Batman and Robin to piece together the truth about the complex plot to kill the real Lord Burleigh.


Joseph Greene and Dick Sprang are the creative team on this Penguin story, which sees him out to rob the three wealthiest people, according to a newspaper article on rich recluses.


I always really love Dick Sprang’s art on the Penguin, and this story is no exception. The Penguin plays off the greed of the first victim, “returning” to him some “lost” money in order to spy on the combination to his safe, and then gives a stray dog to the second, playing off her love of animals to get access to her home.


But Batman and Robin foul up his third scheme, as the man the Penguin intends to rob has already died, leaving Batman to take his place and catch the Penguin.

The Penguin returns in a couple of months in Detective Comics.


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