Batman 19 – Atlantis enters the war, and the Joker’s animal crimes


Well, that’s sure an ugly cover on Batman 19 (Oct/Nov 43).  But I’ll have a number 2, and a number 3.


Cameron is joined by Dick Sprang on this World War 2 story that sees Batman head to Atlantis.  And is probably one of a very very small amount of World War 2 Atlantis stories.


Batman and Robin are in the Batplane, hunting for a hidden Nazi submarine base, when they get sucked into a whirlpool that takes them down to Atlantis.


It turns out that the Nazis have conned the Atlanteans into believing that they are peace-loving people, and are using Atlantis as their base.  The Nazis tell the Atlanteans that Batman is an evil war-monger, and he gets imprisoned and sentenced to death


Robin happens to be identical to the prince of Atlantis, and takes his place, using his status to free Batman, and show the Atlanteans that the Nazis are the real bad guys.

A weird, but effective, mix of war and fantasy.


I don’t care much for the Joker story in this issue, which involves him in a plan to cage people named Fish, Lyon and Fox.


The art is by Dick Sprang, one of my favourite Batman artists, but the Joker does not look quite right in many of the panels, and the story wanders around awkwardly.


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