Batman 17 – the Penguin changes tactics


Quite a beautiful war cover on Batman 17 (June/July 1943).


The Penguin makes a return in this issue, in a story by Cameron and Burnley.


The Penguin attends a lecture on Batman’s villains, and is dismayed when the lecturer does not put him in the same category of the Joker, Catwoman or the Scarecrow.  He considers the Penguin nothing but a one-gimmick foe.

Which really makes you wonder why he thinks the Scarecrow, who had only appeared in two stories at the point, was any better.


So the Penguin decides to branch out, and commits crimes using various hunting themes, fishing gear and various guns.

It’s one of those stories where the concept sounds good, but the execution is not quite up to snuff.  Still, the Penguin is distinct enough that he carries it, even without his birds or umbrellas.


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