Batman 9 – the Joker’s giveaway crimes


An iconically wonderful cover for Batman 9 (Feb/March 1942), but sadly none of the contents of this issue are as good.


The one story that I have to include, because I include every story with a recurring villain, is the Joker one.  It’s Finger, Kane and Robinson again, which might be why this one feels a little by-the-numbers.  Hard to pull off great Joker stories when they are in every issue.


The basic concept for the Joker’s scheme is pretty good, if not particularly Joker-ish.  His gang pull off crimes, and then the loot is publicly awarded to them, through various lotteries, giveaways and such.  This allows the gang members to spend their loot without drawing the attention of the police – but it does draw the attention of Batman.


There is also a decent death-trap, with the Joker sealing Batman and Robin into a pit.  But overall, this one just lacks oomph.


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