Batman 3 – Catwoman gets a costume


Great cover for Batman 3 (Fall 1940).  As well as the Catwoman story, which I have written about, there is another tale which introduces a comedic detective, McGonigle, who is trying to determine Batman’s identity.  He appears in two stories in this issue, but never again.


Catwoman gets a costume in this story, by Finger, Kane and Robinson, but it’s an outfit that won’t be worn again in the Golden Age.  Still, it will be seen once more.


Catwoman winds up a pawn in this story, hired by a crime syndicate to steals gems so that they can collect the insurance on them.  The gang wind up kidnapping Catwoman, so Batman has to come to her rescue.


Once he does, Catwoman works with Batman to expose the villains behind the scam.  She kisses Batman, but uses that to get him off his guard and escape.


In the final panel of the story, we learn that she is genuinely attracted to him, though.  And as in her previous two tales, although she does get free, she never winds up getting to keep her loot.

While Catwoman does not appear again until Batman 10, she does have another story that takes place chronologically after this one, in an All-Star Squadron annual in the 80s.  It’s easy to place that tale, as she is wearing the same costume as in this story.


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2 thoughts on “Batman 3 – Catwoman gets a costume

  1. Netministrator August 26, 2015 at 2:14 am Reply

    Interestingly the Batman Encyclopedia links McGonicle with a similar named character in the Quality Comics Jester strip as working with Chuck Lane in that city’s police force


  2. ultraboy8888 August 26, 2015 at 2:16 am Reply

    Really? I haven’t read much of the Jester. One day I will get around to the Quality books, and will definitely look for that! Thanks!


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