Batman 10 – Catwoman’s scavenger hunt


Love this cover for Batman 10 (April/May 1942).


Catwoman is back in this issue, in a story by Jack Schiff, with art by Jerry Robinson.  She now wears a black cat costume.


In this story, Catwoman is using the name Marguerite Tome, and living in high society.  But she uses her position as a front for crime.  In this case, she arranges a big scavenger hunt for her friends, and for her gang.


The scavenger hunt serves as a perfect alibi for the thieves, when they get caught in compromising situations.


Later, she has her gang members dress up as Batman, once again with the idea of getting them into locations that otherwise would be difficult to penetrate.  But by this point, Batman has infiltrated her team, and turns the tables on her.

Once again, Batman allows Catwoman to escape, and the story justifies this, in that while she organized and plotted the crimes, she did not actually take part in any of them.

Catwoman next appears, in a cameo, in an issue of World’s Finest in a couple of months.

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