Flash 103 – the timed robberies, and Hawkman takes a cruise with the Gentleman Ghost


A dramatic, if misleading, cover on Flash Comics 103 (Jan. 49).


The deadly sword only appears at the very top of the story, used like the Sword of Damocles, but only for a mob boss to impress on his gang the effect his crimes are intended to have on the population, making them fear the next crime wave, uncertain of when it will hit.


Oh, should have mentioned that this story is by Broome, Infantino and Sachs.  Hoods throughout the city all pull their crimes at the same times, down to the minute, overwhelming both the police and the Flash.  It’s fairly clear that a radio show is being used to convey orders to the gang, though not how those orders are sent.  The Flash breaks the code, based on the initial letters of the radio plays, and intercepts the gang and the boss.


The Ghost makes his final appearance in the Golden Age in this Kanigher and Kubert tale.


To help a failing cruise line, Hawkman and Hawkgirl go on a promoted cruise.  The Ghost sees the coverage of this, and decides to join them.  The Ghost’s plan appears to be killing the Hawks, and then sinking the ship, presumably to kill all onboard.  Once again, there are fake Ghosts and deceptive tricks, which decoy the Hawks long enough for the Ghost to capture them, and try to kill them.


And, once again, the Ghost appears to die at the end of this story.

The Gentleman Ghost returns in Atom and Hawkman in the late 60s.  This is also the last appearance of Hawkgirl for an awfully long time, until the All-Star Comics revival in the mid-70s.


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