Flash 102 – Hawkman and the big bubbles, and the Flash vs the Turtle


I believe the cover story, Broome and Kubert, in Flash Comics 102 (Dec. 48) was also adapted for a Silver Age Hawkman story, but I might be wrong about that.


Yet again Carter and Shiera are minding their own business when they see something impossible – in this case giant floating bubbles, one of which encases and steals an armored truck.


The bubbles are made of “plasteel”, which I don’t think existed at the time, but are controlled by a radar machine that Carter Hall invented.  Exactly how radar is used to control them is far from clear.  The Hawks get encased in one of the bubbles, but break free and catch the bad guys.


The Turtle, who had faced the Flash in All-Flash and Comic Cavalcade, makes his third and final appearance in this story, by Broome, Alex Toth and Joe Giella.  He wears the costume he had in his second appearance, but the story also adds the attribute that he speaks outrageously slowly.


The Turtle escapes from prison during a talent show at the jail, and the best scene has him fleeing in a slow-moving wagon, which then becomes bait to lead the Flash off a cliff.  The remainder of the tale has him plotting and pulling off another robbery, exploiting lack of speed, and then getting caught by the Flash.

A Silver Age incarnation is one of the first villains that Barry Allen takes on,while the original returns in a back-up story, featuring Jay Garrick, in an issue of the Flash in the early 70s.

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2 thoughts on “Flash 102 – Hawkman and the big bubbles, and the Flash vs the Turtle

  1. netministrator August 25, 2015 at 2:34 am Reply

    Actually the golden age Turtle does return one more time in a backup Earth-Two Flash tale in Flash #201 entitled “Finale for a Fiddler!”.


    • ultraboy8888 August 25, 2015 at 7:45 am Reply

      Oh,darn. You’re right. I hate being wrong. Glad you’re there to keep me on track!


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