Flash 92 – Black Canary begins, and the Ghost goes to Paris


Flash and Hawkman welcome Black Canary to Flash Comics 92 (Feb. 48).  Apparently the Ghost Patrol and the Atom are not happy she has joined the book.


Kanigher, Infantino and Giella are the creative team on Black Canary’s first solo story, but it looks and feels quite different from her appearances in Johnny Thunder.  We meet Larry Lance, a loser private eye interested in flower shop owner Dinah Drake.


Larry is on the case of some men who hijack trucks, and after Dinah receives an order for a black funeral wreath for Larry, Black Canary appears on the case.  The two work as equal partners when it comes to the big fight scene, each taking down some of the criminals.


Black Canary is the one who figures out how the crooks pulled off their hijackings.  We also see that Canary has a knife concealed in her choker, which she can activate with her chin.  Seems like the knife would be more likely to injure Canary than anything else.


The very end of the tale reveals that Dinah Drake is really the Black Canary, for any reader too clued out to have put that together themself.  This is also the first tale to reveal that Black Canary wears a wig when in her guise, something that was never hinted at in Johnny Thundner’s strip.

Between the shady private eye, and the overall artistic look of the series, the Black Canary strip feels reminiscent of the very popular films noir from the period.


The Gentleman Ghost is back in the Hawkman story in this issue, by Kanigher and Kubert, which takes all the characters to Paris.


The story evokes the Phantom of the Opera, both because of the city, and the big scene at the opera, and the use of the chandelier as a deathtrap for Hawkgirl.


As usual, the Ghost uses various tricks and deceptions in his robberies, leaving it unclear as to whether he is a ghost or a con artist  He appears to explode at the end of this tale, but of course he will be back in a couple of issues.



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