Flash 90 – the Flash plays baseball, Johnny Thunder and Black Canary in the photo, and the Ghost returns


One might think that there is a female villain in the cover story from Flash 90 (Dec. 47), but despite the image, that is not the case at all.


Instead, the woman pictured is the victim in this story by Kanigher, Infantino and Giacoia, the new manager of a baseball team, the Bobtails.  She is the daughter of the manager, who has fallen ill.  And the team has lost its confidence as a result, becoming terrible players.


The Flash comes to the aid of the new manager, but basically he is cheating big time, playing all the positions himself during the game.  This is justified by the fact that he is preventing gamblers from profiting off the situation.  And, thankfully, towards the end of the story we discover that the game will be re-played with the real team.


Black Canary joins Johnny Thunder in the logo for the series, and even gets larger lettering that he does in this story by Kanigher, Infantino and Giella.


This time there is no element of Black Canary stealing from other villains.  In fact, she and Johnny Thunder wind up framed for being bank robbers and murderers, thanks to an altered photograph.  So Black Canary still winds up on the wrong side of the law.


The Thunderbolt appears right at the end of the story, saving Johnny and Canary, and helping them capture the real villains.


The Gentleman Ghost (still called the Ghost) returns in this Kanigher and Kubert tale.


His latest crime spree adds murder to his resume, and Hawkman and Hawkgirl decide to lure him out by planting a story in the newspaper about finding a huge diamond at a dig in Africa.


But once again, though they capture the Ghost’s gang, the actual villain gets away. Hawkman rigged a camera to get a picture of the Ghost, but to the dismay of both the Hawks, no face was visible in the photo. Is he really a ghost, or is this just an impressive hoax?

The Ghost returns in a couple of months.


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