Flash 88 – the Flash gets sent back a year, Peachy Pet meets Black Canary, and the Gentleman Ghost debuts


The Flash goes time travelling against his will in the cover story from Flash Comics 88 (Oct. 47), by Kanigher, Kubert and Moe Worthman.


The story opens as another scientist, Homer Brown, gets sent back a year in time.


The same thing then happens to Jay Garrick.


Once he figures out what has happened, the Flash brings Homer and himself a year forward in time, back to the present.


The villain of the tale, Professor Knapp, believed that he had created a machine with the ability to disintegrate people and objects, but was unaware that he had actually developed something far more impressive and powerful, sending those things backwards through time.


Kanigher, Infantino and Giella give Peachy Pet her final appearance in this story, which once again brings Black Canary into the mix.  Even the Thunderbolt gets to be in this one.  The story deals with a map to the location of stolen goods, which Black Canary has stolen in turn.


Black Canary sheds her mask in this tale, and will not wear it again.


Kanigher and Kubert introduce the Gentleman Ghost in this story, although in the Golden Age the character was simply known as the Ghost.


The Ghost debuts pulling off a series of impressive and close to impossible thefts across Europe. Hawkman and Hawkgirl head over to England, where they confront him as he tries to rob the Tower of London.


Hawkman is convinced that the Ghost is a fraud, and indeed he uses all manner of tricks: projected images, microphones and dummies. But though they prevent him from succeeding at his crime, they fail to capture him.

The Ghost returns in a couple of months.


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