Flash 87 – Hawkman vs the Foil, Johnny Thunder saves Black Canary, and the Ghost Patrol meet Arthurian knights


The masks of the Hawks get simpler now, as can be seen on the cover of Flash Comics 87 (Sept. 47), and will become even moreso within the next year.


The story deal with a villain called the Foil, who is allowed to escape from prison, so that Hawkman and Hawkgirl can follow him to his hidden loot.


Kanigher and Everett Kinstler do a good job with the story.  The Hawks get split up, each having a bit of a solo adventure, and both believe the other has been killed by the Foil, until they re-unite.


Black Canary is back in the Johnny Thunder story, by Kanigher, Irwin Hasen and Giella.  As before, she is robbing villains, in this case going for a mob boss’s crime diary.  She enlists Johnny Thunder’s help.


This time the Thunderbolt does not even appear, and it’s Johnny Thunder who rescues Canary from a death-trap on his own.  Though Canary does join in as they take down the bad guys.


The Ghost Patrol get a story with a very odd conclusion, which opens back in Arthurian time, by Wentworth, Infantino and Bob Oskner.


A couple of knights get warped in time to the present, and it appears that they turn to crime, but in fact their armor has simply been stolen by thieves.  The Ghost Patrol get involved in stopping the crime, and act far more seriously than they usually do.


The story concludes with an explosion that kills the knights, who are as happy to become ghosts as the Ghost Patrol were in their original tale.  No one seems to mind being murdered in this strip.


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