Flash 86 – the Flash faces a dinosaur, and Johnny Thunder meets Black Canary


Robert Kanigher is joined by Lee Elias and Joe Kubert for the cover story in Flash Comic 86 (Aug. 47).  I really prefer the way Elias draws the Flash to the way he had looked previous to this.


The story is a good one as well.  Jay Garrick and Joan Williams head out to an archaeological dig, and wind up facing a live dinosaur – but then find themselves transported to a museum.  They get accused of stealing meteorites.


This is a complicated story, but one that comes together well.  At a couple of points, Jay has to be both himself and the Flash, which shows off his speed and ingenuity.  The museum director turns out to be the villain, robbing from his own museum, and operating the mechanical dinosaur that chased Jay and Joan at the start.


Robert Kanigher, Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella introduce the Black Canary in the Johnny Thunder story in this issue.


She manipulates Johnny Thunder into retrieving her mask, which isn’t very difficult. He is smitten with her the moment he sees her. Daisy Darling is completely forgotten, as is the Thunderbolt for much of this.  Johnny winds up taking down the thieves largely by himself, although he does so unwittingly for the most part.


Black Canary is a thief in this story, but she is stealing from criminals, which means she can go free at the end of the story without violating any of Johnny’s heroic principles.  She is one of the many female villain/romantic interest characters that were around at this time, and the Thunderbolt tells Johnny not to fall into this trope.  Had Johnny taken his advice, he might not have lost his strip to her.


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