Flash 80 – the Flash helps a young artist, and the Atom begins


Fox and Hibbard have the Flash come to the aid of a crippled boy in Flash Comics 80 (Feb. 47).


The boy gets hit by a car as the story starts, and winds up crippled for life.  He begins drawing and painting, and even though he is very talented, he believes that people are simply humouring him because they feel sorry for him.  But when he sees criminals, he accurately draws them for the Flash.


The Flash gets the boy to draw his portrait, which gives him some confidence.  And then when the hoods try to kill him, and the Flash comes to his rescue, he finally begins to believe that he really is as skilled as people say he is.


Nearly a year after his series in All-American Comics ended, the Atom returns in this book, and will continue to appear sporadically.  Joseph Greene and Joe Gallagher are the creative team on this story.


The story deals with a young boy who works as a delivery boy for a grocery store, who discovers that a fashionable new restaurant is a front for criminals.  The Atom got the boy the delivery job, and feels responsible when the boy goes missing, kidnapped by the bad guys.  The Atom gets captured as well, but the boy frees him, and together they rout the villains.

But really, this is nothing special.


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