Flash 71 – Hawkman heads to Feithera


Kubert does some amazing things with Hawkman’s helmet during his run, and it’s pretty impressive on the cover of Flash Comics 71 (May 1946).


Fox and Kubert introduce the land of Feithera, populated by intelligent bird people, in this issue.


Carter Hall, as a member of the Explorer’s Club, overhears a couple of hunters talking about the bird people, and their city in the far north.  They intend to find it and hunt and kill the bird-men.  Carter thinks this is barbaric, and when Big Red confirms the city’s existence, heads out to find it first.


He meets the Feitherans, under the leadership of Worla, and sees their amazing city.  The one weapon they have is a “globlass gun,” which removes a person’s sense of balance and creates disorientation.  The hunters wind up with an ally in this city, a rebel who wants to overthrow Worla.


Hawlman helps the Feitherans defeat the hunters and the rebel, and lets them keep their city hidden from the outside world.  At least for a while.  As revealed in Infinity, Inc., he later brings an anthropologist to their city, which returns in the 80s.


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