Flash 68 – Winky, Blinky and Noddy fix a radio, and Picture Stories from History and Hop Harrigan end


Winky, Blinky and Noddy cause more problems for the Flash in Flash Comics 68 (Dec/Jan 45/46).


Fox and Hibbard introduce the story cleverly, showing the big problem from the Flash’s perspective, as he has to keep capturing the same villain over and over and over, with no idea how he keeps getting out of jail.


Winky, Blinky and Noddy are behind the entire situation.  They get hired to be radio repairman, but their repairs turn the radio into a teleportation device, causing anyone they talk about, who is being mentioned on the radio, to gets transported.  The news about the thief keeps prompting them to discuss it, and keeps freeing the felon.


As often happens, the Flash spends most of the story dealing with the results of the problem, before figuring out that Winky, Blinky and Noddy are causing the situation.


Picture Stories from History has its final installment in this issue, relating the events behind the creation of the US constitution, in a story by Gaines and Cameron.


Not being from the US, I actually learned a fair bit from this little historical piece.  But it’s all about the white men, with absolutely no mention of natives or their lack of rights on their own land.  Also notable is that the one and only black person to appear in the story is a slave in the background of the page above, tending to the needs of the men as they discuss human rights – but only for the whites.


Hop Harrigan’s strip here comes to an end with a very slap-sticky tale that features much of the supporting cast: Tank Tinker, Miss Snap, Geraldine, Prop Wash and Hippity.


Blummer goes rhyme crazy in this tale, which sees Hop Harrigan and crew plan to sell some airplanes, but everyone gets tied up in their own plotlines.


So it’s Hippity, who none of them feel shows any responsibility at all, who actually pulls off the intended sale.

Hop Harrigan’s other two strips, in All-American Comics and Comic Cavalcade, still continue.


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