Flash 65 – the Flash and the Thinking Cap, and Simple Simon sets fire to Hawkman


Simple Simon makes his second and last appearance in Flash Comics 65 (June 1945).


Fox and Hibbard introduce a machine that will come to more importance in the Silver Age, the Thinking Cap.


The device draws on the power of the mind, and is capable of astounding feats: teleportation, creating illusions and power blasts.  Effectively, it makes the wishes of whoever wears it come true.  Which more than makes up for the silly appearance one has while wearing it.


As one might expect, it falls into the hands of criminals, who use it for evil purposes, as well as to battle the Flash.


The hero does triumph, and brings the Cap back to the man who created it.  The Flash insists that he should destroy it, and the scientist agrees.  But at some point after he must change his mind.  The Thinking Cap returns in the 1960s, in the possession of the Thinker.  Funny that it took that long to link the two.


Simple Simon is back in this Fox and Kubert story.  He escapes from prison, and once again begins a crime spree of “simple” robberies.


He is certainly much smarter when confronted by Hawkman than he was in their first encounter.  Rather than attack the flying hero’s feet, he uses a blowtorch to set fire to his wings.


The big crime in the issue involved robbing a safe with a weight sensitive pressure plate.  Simple Simon uses a dictionary to add the right amount of weight when he opens the safe, but still sets off the alarm.  In fleeing from Hawkman he had lost just enough weight to mess up his calculations.



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