Flash 64 – Winky, Blinky and Noddy as firemen, and Hawkman vs the Monocle


The Flash battles some arsonists, who use their fires as a cover for thefts, in Flash Comics 64 (April 1945), but Winky, Blinky and Noddy once again get in the way.


It’s another Fox and Naydel story, so although the plot is solid, the art just annoys me.  I have a strong preference for Hibbard’s art over Naydel’s.


Fox and Kubert introduce a new villain for Hawkman in this issue, the Monocle.


Jonathan Cheval is the last in a long line of “oculists,” and their mastery of glass and optics has been passed down generationally. Mention is made of x-rays and cosmic rays, but the invention that Cheval is excited about is a monocle that concentrates solar energy into a destructive laser beam (though those exact words are not used).


There had been a villain who called himself the Monocle, and who resembled Cheval, that faced off against the Flash in All-Flash, although his monocle had no special powers. Still, I like to think that this was the same man, and that he had not yet perfected his solar concentrator.

The Monocle does not return until the early 80s.

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