Flash 62 – Winky, Blinky and Noddy buy a roller rink, Peachy Pet goes to see the writer, and Kubert begins on Hawkman


Winky, Blinky and Noddy are back in Flash Comics 62 (Feb. 45).


Fox and Hibbard spin this tale in which the three men use money loaned to them by Jay Garrick to buy a roller rink that is $50,000 in debt.  To help them (and himself), the Flash performs at the rink, which makes it a draw.


Investigating further, The Flash discovers that the gang sell heavily indebted properties, then buy them back when the people go broke, at cut rate prices.  A few super-speed tricks, and the gang turn themselves in.


Wentworth and Aschmeier craft a really weird Johnny Thunder tale in this issue, in which a constantly befuddled Johnny tries to pick up Peachy from the train station.


He winds up in a cab with a driver who goes to the wrong locations, and has all manner of odd devices in the machine.


What makes this story worth including is the final page, in which Peachy goes to bawl out the writer.  Wentworth is shown as a characterless outline of a man. Peachy Pet points out that he forgot to include the Thunderbolt in the story.  And, indeed, looking back on it there are numerous places where the T-bolt ought to have been used.


Joe Kubert joins Gardner Fox on this Hawkman story.  It is not the first Hawkman story that Kubert drew, he had illustrated one for Big All-American, but it does begin his run as the regular artist on the strip.


The story is sort of overly complicated, with a thief who has been in hiding for a year, having buried his stolen loot. The thief is also an artist, whose works have become noted and valuable.  There are other bad guys who aim to steal the stolen money, but Hawkman retrieves it first.  He brings a happy ending to the tale, allowing the artist to get away with his theft, after returning the stolen money, because his year of hiding out is considered as good as a prison sentence.


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