Flash 60 – the Flash battles the Master of Winds, and the Hummingbird returns


The Flash takes on the Master of Winds in Flash Comics 60 (Dec. 44), in a story by Fox and Naydel.


The story isn’t bad, about a man who has developed an extremely powerful wind machine that he uses for evil deeds, but I really do not care for Naydel’s art on this series.  The gyroscopic ball that Flash builds to withstand the effects of the winds is neat though.


Between the Flash’s speed lines and the wind effects, this story has more blurry stuff than the average Flash tale.


Fox and Moldoff bring back the Hummingbird, who is seeking vengeance against Hawkgirl in this tale.  Sadly, she does not use her wings in this tale.


After the press does a special on Hawkgirl, the Hummingbird is consumed with jealousy, and plots to exploit this and drive a wedge between Hawkman and Hawkgirl, sending out photographers to follow her.  She intends that Hawkman will get envious of the attention being paid to Hawkgirl.


But trying to come between the Hawks is a futile endeavour, and Hawkgirl turns the tables on Hummingbird.

The character never returns, which is a real shame when you consider it.  This is the only villain whose primary enemy is Hawkgirl, rather than Hawkman.

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