Flash 58 – the Flash vs the Merman, Minute Movies ends, and Peachy Pet in Hollywood


Fox and Jon Chester Kozlak pit the Flash against a sea-based villain in Flash Comics 58 (Oct. 44).


The Merman is a mutant, looking somewhat like a fish, and able to live underwater.  Tormented from childhood, he grows into a bitter man, who turns to a life of crime.


His specialty is underwater crimes, and he floods banks before robbing them.  Eventually he sets his goals higher, and has his gang blow up a damn to flood a town, so that he can rob it without interference.


Of course the Flash gets involved, although he does actually wind up capturing the Merman.  Instead, the fish-man gets tangled in a rope from his ship, and winds up drowning.

A shame, as this was a villain who could very easily have returned.


Ed Wheelan’s Minute Movies come to an end in this issue, with a tale that looks like it has to do with the Ku Klux Klan, although it actually doesn’t.


The evil organization of hooded killers choose people at random to kill, but there is no element of racism or such in their murders.  Still, it’s hard not to think of the Klan while reading this.


Johnny Thunder has become progressively sidelined in his own strip, as Wentworth and Aschmeier give more and more attention to Peachy Pet.  For the last few issues, Peachy has decided that she wants to be a movie star, so she and Johnny have headed to Hollywood.


Even the Thunderbolt barely appears in this story, which is mostly just Peachy tormenting another child actress.


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