Flash 55 – the Whip ends, and Hawkman and the stolen statues


From the repeated prominence of Big Red on the Hawkman covers of Flash Comics, you’d think the bird was a much more important character in the series.  But though he is right in the forefront on the cover of Flash Comics 55 (July 1944), he is not even in the story inside.


The Whip gets his final story in Flash Comics in this issue, by Wentworth and Fleming.


Rod Gaynor overhears shots on his property, and finds a dead body.  Getting into costume as the Whip, he winds up finding a bloody rivalry between shipping companies.


It’s not a bad story, and the Whip is back in his western milieu, but on the other hand there is nothing really striking about this series anymore. Marisa Dillon does not appear in this story, but is still a regular character.

The Whip does get a couple more stories in other books, and appears next in the Big All-American.


Fox and Moldoff give Hawkman an entertaining mystery in this issue, which begins withe theft of a valuable statue, the Ocean Omen, from a museum.


Three collectors discover that they each purchased the stolen artwork, and Carter Hall happens to be around when this discovery is made.  He and Hawkgirl get on the case to find the thief and swindler.


They interrupt the guy as he tries to rob a painting, and figure out that he is selling fakes to collectors after the thefts have been announced.  But the thief is not actually stealing anything, he simply hides the stolen works in the museum, preventing himself from being caught with them.



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